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Comparison Of ED Drugs – Cialis Vs Viagra Vs Levitra

Viagra is the oldest medicine for erectile dysfunction. It was the only product for this purpose. It gained popularity easily. Many other pharmaceutical companies made similar products later. The new products of different companies, Cialis vs Viagra came later in to the market. Since then, people are comparing ED drugs before buying any of these. You can see al these comparisons and then select which one do you want to buy for yourself.

You can easily find the comparisons of Cialis vs Viagra vs Levitra easily. The basic functioning of all these drugs is the same. All of them are inhibitors. They inhibit the growth of an enzyme in our bodies that prevents the production of penile erection hormones. The name of the enzyme is phosphodiesterase 5. This is why all these medicines are PDE-5 inhibitors. This is the common approach that all these drugs follow in order to achieve the effect.

When we are comparing Cialis vs Viagra, we can see different benefits of both of these drugs. They vary in terms of the duration of the effect. In addition, both these medicines have a few side effects. The number and types of side effects are also different. You can weigh out all these benefits and side effects when you are making the choice for the right kind of drugs for you. However, the effects and the side effects may vary depending upon individuals. It depends on the type of body you have and your level of fitness. Therefore, you can always try out different drugs to see the results on your body.

The benefit of taking Viagra is that the erection with Viagra is stronger over the one that you get with cialis. However, Viagra takes time and Cialis works faster. Moreover, while comparing the duration of the effect, the effect of cialis lasts longer. The effect of Viagra usually lasts for a few hours whereas the effect of cialis can sometimes last for over a week.

In comparing the side effects of Cialis vs Viagra, most of the people experience very few side effects with cialis in comparison to Viagra. The major side effect is headache. Some people experience severe headache after they consume such medicines. Some people also feel dizzy after a few hours of taking the medicine. Those who take Cialis experience fewer side effects. With all this information, you can make your choice about which ED drug to consume.

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